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As a contemporary romance author, Frances loves nothing more than losing herself in a good romance. She's all about helping you forget the housework, or the bus to work you're going to miss, if you don't put the book down now!

She's devoted to giving her readers an emotional, yet satisfying ride, with a love story that'll melt your heart and keep the pages turning right until the end.

Frances is a finalist award winner in both Australia and overseas. Her awards include:  

    2016 -  Emerald Finalist - Romance Writers of Australia

    2019 -  Pacific Hearts Finalist - Romance Writers of New Zealand

    2019 -  Emily Finalist - West Houston Romance Writers

    2020 - Valerie Parv Finalist - Romance Writers of Australia

    2021 -  Mara Finalist - Mid America Romance Writers

    2022 -  The Koru Award for Best New Book - Romance Writers of New Zealand


When she isn't writing, Frances is climbing mountains, searching for waterfalls and swimming across lakes. She loves to exercise, would prefer it if someone else cooked dinner every night, and never notices dust on the furniture. 

She lives with her husband in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia, and uses her great baking skills to tempt her three daughters to visit home as often as they can.

Some of her favourite places: Lake Eacham, Malanda Community Mural, Wallaman Falls, Attie Creek Falls.

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