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Triumph, hardship, true grit…and one crazy dream.

An inspirational story about one woman, with one dream, and one almighty driving passion.

Grace Lucas knows from an early age that climbing onto a bucking animal and holding on is exactly what she wants. When Grace wins her first poddy ride at the age of twelve but is refused the first prize trophy because she’s a girl, it stirs a fierce streak that won’t rest — not until she’s allowed to compete in the sport she loves as an equal and be recognised for it.


Erin Blackwater comes into Grace’s life many years after her bull riding days are over, at a time when she has questions and doubts about how her own life is tracking. Employed by a medical research company to record Grace’s miracle recovery, Grace teaches Erin the importance of living life to the fullest without fear or regrets. Or life will leave you behind.


Encapsulating the Australian outback landscape of the sixties and seventies, with a storyline weaving in and out of the present day, this story is inspired by one woman, with one dream, and one almighty driving passion. With every adversity in her way, Grace pushes past the barriers and succeeds in a male dominated sport, and creates a new legend.

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